I had one of the best nights of my life the other night. The vibe with Ray & Anderson was real. We filmed a lil skate video (you’ll see it later, when I continue release for Volume Won!) and went to go watch the Floyd Mayweather fight. We burned through it, played each other some great music (You’ll hear our selections later), laughed, and decided to start playing music together more often.

The next day I went over with my laptop and a mic and rapped Death Grips lyrics while Ray followed me on drums. This is the best of it.

HellaTight Pd. 4

Mrs. Smith

Compare & Contrast

Punk & Hip-Hop

The world of music is vast and has many different styles and feels. To different people, different styles of music reflect their individual temperaments. Personally, I see beauty in most all types of music, and will at least give music alien to me a try; I am, most simply put, a music fan. Having been involved with musicians from different genres from Jazz to Hip Hop to Hardcore Punk, I am in a unique position to make the comparison between Hip Hop and Punk music.

                Generally, anyone you ask will say Punk and Hip Hop are on two completely different ends of the musical spectrum. But for those who listen to both and observe well, it’s plain to see that they’re not so different. A music fan who doesn’t subscribe exclusively to one genre and knows what he/she likes will usually find that genres don’t divide art up as much as the themes and environments created by the art. Both Hip hop and Punk, at their most extreme, are loud, offensive, and generally disruptive forms of music. Both are, in essence misunderstood, rebellious types of music with somewhat elitist fans. Some of the more vivacious rap is sometimes seen as a disgrace to the black community, that it portrays a false impression of African Americans as a whole. While this is true, the perspective of the people who listen to it says that they’re just having fun. While some see it as immature, these insiders think the outsiders looking in are somewhat repressed and they simply just don’t get it. This view is shared in the punk community, particularly with Hardcore Punk, where the musicality is ever lacking and the music is generally hard to listen to. Outsiders will see Punk as senseless noise, insiders see Punk as the awkward soundtrack to their offbeat lives. Punk and Hip hop both have sharp guidelines about what is real Punk and what isn’t. As far as punk listeners are concerned, Punk died after the 80s and anything after that time period is a helpless attempt at reviving it. Hip Hop doesn’t believe the same, though some do persistently and haughtily proclaim that “Hip Hop Is Dead.” Nevertheless, there still is a division between what is considered real Hip Hop and trash.

                Both Punk and Hip Hop have a commercial, radio-playable section of their genre that the purists disregard and despise both feelings which they will jump to express at any given chance. The watered-down version of Punk is called Pop Punk. Spawned from the Goth, Emo, and Post-Hardcore movements, Pop Punk musicians and listeners are an abomination, an insult to the great complainers who came before them. Hip Hop encompasses its own subgenre of commercial rap. Commercial rap is generally, just like Pop Punk, not considered to be rap. With repetitive, meaningless hooks, dance tracks, and auto-tuned voices, commercial rap is just as much an insult to Hip Hop as Pop Punk is to Punk.

                 Though for exclusive listeners of either genre or casual music listeners in general, it seems obvious that Punk and Hip Hop have no similarities, with a genuine love for music and a keen eye for observation, it’s plain to see how similar they really are.

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